Tarot Spread - Finding Your Passion


Some people are very blessed in that they find a lot of things they are passionate about and early in life. Others have a hard time finding activities, hobbies or careers that inspire them and that they feel passionate about.

When you're unsure where to look, tarot is always a great resource.  I created this spread to help inspire and guide you in the direction of finding your passion(s). Perhaps you have some reservations about doing what you're passionate about. Finding your passion might require you to dive a bit deeper into the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. I hope this spread helps.

Here are a few suggestions to help you find your passion:

Spend time trying new and different things
Doing the same old will garner the same old result. Try spending time with new people, doing new activities. Ignore the fact that you aren't "as good" as other people at any given interest. Ignore the idea that some people may judge you for trying something new. Start accepting the fact that you are deserving of finding your passion and take the plunge to try something new.

Think about your childhood interests
So many people who find their passion speak about how they loved doing something similar (or the same thing) as a child. Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child, perhaps your passion is not the exact same thing but it very well could lead you in the right direction.

Think about your current interests
Which books or magazines do you read? Which movies do you enjoy? What do you love to talk about? Do you have any dreams or goals you wish you could do? What would your life look like if you had millions of dollars? If you could have any career regardless of the logistics (ignore wage, training, accessibility, etc.), what would you do?

Trust the universe to deliver
Ask and you will receive!  Try some meditations, speak to your spirit guides, ask for signs, pay attention to your dreams. Practice gratitude in your daily life and recognize that even by reading this blog post or doing the tarot spread you are getting yourself more in alignment with finding your true passion. Opening the door is the first step, now keep it open and allow the flow of the Universe to enter.

Try the following affirmations:
↠ Each day I am discovering my passions more and more
↠ I am seeking my passions and my passions are seeking me
↠ The Universe is always guiding me toward my passions
↠ I am open and receptive to finding my purpose