Tarot Spread - Feeling Sick: Cause & Healing


As a child and through my teens I was sick constantly. I always had a cough, cold, flu, upset stomach or something causing me to feel ill.  As I entered my twenties this continued until I really started to prioritize my mental, spiritual & physical health. Since then I have been blessed with rarely ever getting sick. I actually hadn't been sick in 3 years... until the beginning of 2019 :) I can't help but feel that my sore throat (potentially strep throat which I used to get regularly) was caused by a spiritual lesson. The timing of my moon cycle, the New Moon & partial solar eclipse in Capricorn (my moon sign) all happening at once caused me to dive into some soul lessons that my anxiety did not want to handle... I tried to avoid some truths, I kept things bottled up and refused to ask for help when I was feeling my worst because I was too shy to share my anxieties and look what happened - my throat chakra held that emotional blockage and manifested itself as a terrible sore throat for 3 days. It's important to question why we're ill.

Moments before a fall or a sore throat can speak volumes as to why it happened. It isn't always clear at the time but if you set the intention that you will figure out the spiritual meaning behind and illness or injury - it will become clear in divine time.

Finding out the spiritual meaning and being able to heal from a spiritual & emotional place will help heal the physical. This tarot spread was designed to help you uncover the meaning behind feeling ill & how you can go forward with healing.

Please always seek proper medical advice if something is off!  There is nothing wrong with using modern medicine to heal along with spiritual. We are blessed to have both available to us at this time of incarnation on Earth so do not avoid one or the other!