Tarot Spread - Law of Attraction


A year ago I became familiar with the Law of Attraction. Like everything in my life, this information came to me in divine timing.

There were plenty of times in my life where things I wanted had coincidentally come true. I never thought anything of it. I had chalked it up to the fact that I was lucky some of the time... But then I had my first experience with consciously manifesting.I have experienced a handful of profound and spiritually enlightening lessons. Coincidentally (ha) this particular manifestation occurred right in the middle of one of those experiences.I had gone through a serious breakup and my life was changing. I was in a transition period. I knew where I was going next but I had a few weeks of limbo where I had to tie up some loose ends. (This sounds like a metaphor but I was actually moving halfway across the country and had to deal with the logistics.)

The breakup and the impending move were both too sad or stressful to spend time thinking about. They were constant topics of conversation (understandably) but I wanted to purify my inner realm of having to think about them. So I decided to concentrate my energy on this random desire that I had. I thought about it all the time. Before I went to bed, during my morning commute, when I daydreamed at work, etc... I allowed this desire to consume me simply because it made me feel good to think about.

Within a week, this desire came true. To this day I'm convinced the desire would not have manifested had I not thought about it. It was such a random desire that it coming true didn't rationally make any sense. (I would later learn that this is how the Law of Attraction works, it doesn't have to "make sense".)

A few months later I heard about this Law of Attraction where we attract things that we set our vibrational match to. This vibrational escrow exists where all of our desires are waiting for us. They are in escrow until we can set our vibrational match to them, and then they can manifest.

Everything I heard about the Law of Attraction resonated with me. I realized this is what I had done many times in my life without being consciously aware of (the good and the bad).

So here we are, a year later, and I'm continuing to manifest bigger and better. I am starting to truly grasp how readily available my vibrational escrow is to me. To all of us.

This tarot spread will help you dig deeper into your current vibrational frequency. Allow it to help you find any blockages and allow abundance to flow. I hope you enjoy!