Tarot Spread - Sacral Chakra


The Sacral Chakra - the creative, playful, social, sexual.

When our Sacral Chakra is in balance we are able to properly communicate with others, both emotionally and verbally.  We recognize that we are full of creative energy (yes, all of us) and we are able to channel that creativity in a way that feels good to us. We allow our inner child to shine. We play, engage, explore and express ourselves with the child-like whimsy we may not have reclaimed since childhood.

When we suffer from an imbalance there can be emotional and psychological difficulties including addictive behaviour, jealousy, issues with intimacy, sexual disfunction, low or inactive libido, guilt, self-consciousness, depression and fear. Physical symptoms generally occur in the lower abdomen, digestive system and with reproduction.

We do not become "balanced" in a chakra and stay in that position. Like all things in life there is duality so that we can better understand truth. The chakras are a journey and similar to our mental & physical health, we need to check in on them often to be sure that energy is flowing harmoniously.

This Sacral Chakra tarot/oracle spread can be used at any time to explore and improve the flow of energy.