Tarot Spread - Times of Uncertainty


Do you ever have those moments in life where you suddenly stop and think, what the heck am I doing?

Sometimes the question creeps in out of nowhere. Other times the question seems pretty obvious, like when we're in a period of change or feeling like we're in stuck in a given situation or circumstance.Either way, it can be an eerie feeling. Suddenly we're wondering why...  a simple word with a deep spiral of depth.

Often we are rational enough to recognize that each step we take on our journey is taking us where we're supposed to be, our hardships are teaching us important lessons, if we don't like our current situation we can certainly change it until it feels better to us. All of that is true. But it doesn't hurt to once in a while sit with the discomfort and the question of why. Why are we spending our lives in this way we have chosen? Why did we decide this was the best option, is it still?

As uncomfortable as questioning our direction can be it's a crucial step to waking up. It will enable us to find meaning in life and harness our potential.

It's important that we continue to question why we're doing what we're doing, what's behind our motivation and drives, what other options await us in life, what would truly make us feel that life has meaning.

My intention with this spread is to help you gain clarity in the decisions you're making and the direction you're taking. Sometimes life can feel so chaotic but when we take the time to reflect, when open up to the universal flow and rhythm, when we connect to our intuition - we are able to find peace and clarity amid the chaos.