Tarot Spread - Freeing the Mind


This tarot spread came as inspiration from the astral realm. It's meant to aid you in tapping into the vastness of space & the eons of room that is available for self-expansion and discovery.

Lately my dreams have been more intense and vivid than ever before. I'm meeting people I have not met in real life, as well as reuniting with old friends and acquaintances. Exploring new places I've never seen and feeling a whirlwind of emotions I don't normally experience in waking life. It has been helping me see my shadow self and some of the 'negative' aspects of myself. All in all it's been really incredible. I think these intense dreams were triggered by a wonderful Akashic Records guided meditation I did recently with one of my teachers.In this spread I used the term HELD DOWN as an emotional or spiritual weight that is preventing me from further expansion. However, you could manipulate that vocabulary to fit anything that resonates with you. You can even base the term on what cards are pulled and follow that guidance.