Tarot Spread - Stressful Situation: Feeling Overwhelmed


A few weeks ago I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I was trying to make some decisions and was really feeling the weight of them. I did that thing that we so often do where I felt like I had to decide something right then and there when in reality the only person putting pressure on myself was me :)

Due to the crushing feeling of my own expectations and this unnecessary pressure I put on myself (for absolutely no reason) - I felt called to create a tarot spread to help me feel better during this time of self-inflicted stress. Thankfully I have let go of this stressor in my life but I accept that some form of stress will come around again someday.

I am sharing this tarot spread for anyone going through a stressful situation. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself regardless of your situation. Remember that so much of the stress we feel is brought on by our own feelings of anxiety. We are capable of so much & are stronger than we think.

Many blessings!