Tarot Spread - Living in the Moment: Being Present


One of my most profound lessons this year was very simple: happiness resides in each moment. Bliss, joy and peace are all only experienced in the present.

Happiness exists when we allow ourselves to experience the moment without concern of what might be or what could have been. Silencing the mind to enjoy the moment.I was recently reflecting on my favorite moments of this past year. On paper there were so many incredible moments and "bucket list" dreams that I crossed off my list. That feeling of accomplishment was nice but the best experiences I had this past year were much more simple... they didn't need massive amounts of planning or a crazy manifested opportunity. The best experiences were in moments... experiences that can happen every day if we're willing to show up to them.

I realized that my happiness had less to do with attaining goals and more to do with how present I am in each moment. I found a much deeper understanding of the quote, "the present is a present."So like I do with so many lessons in life - I created a tarot spread. My aim with this is to help us be present more often so we can enjoy life's greatest gift: the moment. Enjoy!