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Tarot Spread - Living in the Moment: Being Present

One of my most profound lessons this year was very simple: happiness resides in each moment. Bliss, joy and peace are all only experienced in the present. So like I do with so many lessons in life - I created a tarot spread. My aim with this is to help us be present more often so we can enjoy life's greatest gift: the moment.

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Tarot Spread - Manifest Your Desires

Manifesting isn't a chore or a burden. If you are doing it properly, you'll agree that it feels better than anything else you'll do today. The feeling of being in alignment is one of the greatest gifts we can experience in our human form. 

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Tarot Spread - Evaluating Relationships

It isn't always easy to decipher if we're in the right relationships. Sometimes we give so much to another person but they aren't meeting us halfway. Is this person worth keeping around? This tarot spread will help you figure that out.

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