Tarot Spread - Evaluating Relationships


Am I with the right person?

Am I in the right relationship?

Is this friendship worth stressing over?Is this relationship going anywhere?

It isn't always easy to decipher if we're in the right relationships. Sometimes we give so much to another person but they aren't meeting us halfway. We end up bending over backwards and we don't get that same treatment in return. On the contrary, sometimes the relationship is reciprocal but we aren't sure if it's really making us feel full and happy.  We ask ourselves if we should spend time reaching out and trying to keep the connection or if we should just move on.

I don't believe we should be using the tarot to solve our problems. I am an advocate for in-person verbal communication... but I understand that sometimes we want to try to figure these things out before we have that dreaded conversation about where our relationships are headed.  It can be helpful to sort through our feelings and understand our intentions before we have conversations with others.

Is this person worth keeping around? This tarot spread was designed to help you figure that out.