Tarot Spread - Better Understand Others


Some people are really great at making their intentions with us known. These relationships feel effortless.  We know where this person stands with us. We know what offends them, what makes them happy and how they expect to be treated.

Other people aren't so clear. Whether it's a romantic or platonic relationship, some people can be hard to read. This 'unknown' might cause tension in our relationship and it can make us feel anxious or on edge.

Do they like me? Do they want to hang out? Why don't they call me back when I try to reach them? What do they think about me?

I created this tarot spread to allow you some piece of mind in your relationships. Hopefully it will help you to better understand the person in question and explain their intentions.

Of course, my number one piece of advice would be to create an open dialogue with this person you have questions about. Instead of worrying, be upfront and ask them the questions you're wondering. If they're worth having in your life, they will have no problem answering them. Always keep in mind your self-worth!