Tarot Spread - Facing Life's Challenges


We all face challenges in life. Some of them are obvious challenges for us. They make us feel weak, worthless, stressed, depressed, sad and plain uncomfortable. They happen when we're in situations that we don't feel ready to conquer. When we're fearful to try something new. Or when we feel like we just can't get it right.

There are some challenges that have crept up on us our entire lives. They hide in the shadows and they've become so normalized in our lives because they've existed for so long they we don't even realize they're challenges. Sometimes we think they're our defects that we were born with or bad luck/karma that we're burdened to carry for our lives.

Accepting or being blind to our challenges is the biggest mistake we can make as humans. It prevents us from reaching our full potential. It weighs us down spiritually, emotionally and can manifest physically (like broken bones or illnesses).

If you notice yourself continually running into similar challenges - it's a great indicator that resolving them is a crucial step on your life path.

Finding our challenges is a process. I think of it like peeling an onion, there are so many layers and when we think we've found one of our great challenges we realize it could be masked by others.

I created this spread to help you start to peel back those layers of yourself. You can use this spread for individual obstacles you’re facing (like making friends at a new job) or to dive deeper into the repeat challenges you experience throughout your lifetime.