Tarot Spread - Birthday Reading


Another lap around the sun! I'm so grateful that someone suggested I create a birthday spread. There are certain spreads that I do often for myself that I don't think to share. I find birthday spreads are so much fun (same with solstice/new year!).

My word of advice with this spread is to be sure you only do it once. One time when you're feeling aligned and clear-minded. I would suggest doing a meditation or whatever you need to do to feel your best and then give this one a go.

Some of the cards may not make sense, they may not seem positive or they may not be what you are wanting to hear but it's important that you accept the information and then let it go and allow yourself to explore your year with an open mind and heart.

Try not to form attachments to the cards or try to predict too heavily as to how you're going to make something happen or how you're going to avoid it.  Just let things unfold as they're meant to.

I would highly recommend taking a photo of your birthday spread or writing it in a journal so that at the end of the year you can see how the reading presented itself.

As always, I love to mix oracle and tarot cards - feel free to use either for your tarot spread.