Tarot Spread - Improving Eating Habits


It took me a while to see the true benefits of eating healthy.  I find a lot of the pressures around healthy eating really take away from one of the most important aspects which is listening to your own body.  Something that could be considered a superfood (basically just a marketing word, read more here) and quite 'trendy' to be eating (avocados, quinoa, kale, etc.) just might not work for your body.

If you are looking to eat healthier the easiest way to start is by cutting out some things you know aren't making your body happy. If you are struggling with acne or redness, try cutting out dairy for a few days to see if your skin clears. If you are feeling tired after your meals, consider eating less gluten or protein.  Feeling uncomfortable in your gut, try adding some probiotic yogurt or turmeric to your diet. The answers may not come over night but by making slow changes and adjustments (one at a time so you can tell what's working and what isn't) you will soon begin to notice what makes you FEEL good and what you'd rather do without.

I think a really important thing to note is the intense connection between emotions and food.  Perhaps you aren't a stress eater, but the fact you don't eat under stress says something too.  I see a strong correlation between mental health and eating habits in myself and those closest to me. This is something I hope to write about further at a later date but for now, let's get to the spread.