Tarot Spread - Hierarchy of Needs


Maslow (1943), an American psychologist, wrote a paper in the Psychological Review presenting his theory on the human stages of growth and motivation. He later expanded on his five-stage model and it went on to become a popular framework for achieving human potential.

Maslow suggested that we, as humans, are motivated to have specific fundamental needs met before others. Having one tier of the pyramid met, we can move on to focus on the one above it. As we master one stage we continue climbing the pyramid with the ultimate goal of eventually reaching our full potential, Self-Actualization.

Here is a basic explanation of the stages:

Physiological Needs - Basic requirements for human survival (food, water, sleep, shelter)

Safety & Security - Protection from harm (other people &/or elements). Personal safety and financial security.

Love & Belonging - Love, friendship, family, sense of community, being accepted among social groupsSelf-Esteem - Status, prestige, achievements, independence, self respect, personal worth, confidence, respect from others

Self-Actualization - Realizing personal potential, morality, creativity, self-fulfillmentI decided to do this spread not asking the question IF our needs are being met, but rather how we can improve most crucial aspects of our lives.