Tarot Spread - Exploring Past Lives


I wanted to do a short and sweet spread that offers insight into a past life.

Pull with intention that your reading will be to gain a deeper understanding of a relevant past life to you. It may not be your most recent past life that comes up in your spread. The past life that shows up in your reading could be relevant for many reasons. It could reflect your current dreams, fears, relationships, interests, emotions, hobbies, life purpose and much more.

A ton of further questions and cards can be pulled to unravel more details than what will be provided in the spread below. Please feel free to ask anything you feel guided to. You can ask questions regarding the time of your incarnation or about such things as major world events (wars, illnesses, industry advancements, etc..) You can ask if anyone in your current life was present in your past life, what your role in society was, how you spent your free time, how you died...the possibilities are endless.I'd be happy to create more past life spreads and blog posts on the topic if you'd like, just let me know :) Enjoy!