Tarot Spread - Trusting the Universe


Trust isn't easy. It often feels like something that has to be earned. For some, it can be easy to trust in what they can't physically see. For others, this provides a real challenge.

Sometimes we think life is working in our favor, only to be shut down in the middle of nowhere. In this life of duality we experience extreme highs and lows. When all is well and balanced, it feels effortless to trust the Universe is serving us exactly what we need. However, when we are faced with challenges it can sometimes be hard to remain faithful that the Universe has our back.

I've created a tarot spread to help you come back into alignment. This spread can be used after you've experienced a negative event, gone through a difficult time, or even if you're simply having a bad day and are looking to restore your faith in what you once trusted.

Allow yourself the freedom to open your heart and trust that the Universe always has your best interest in mind.