Tarot Spread - Embracing the Now (Mindfulness)


How often do we engage fully in the NOW? Ignoring our thoughts about the past or the future. Simply sitting in what IS and allowing it to fill us up...For each of us the amount we spend in the present moment varies.

I have been personally working on mindfulness and living in the now for many years. I first read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle years ago and at that time I wondered what living in the now really meant. From a logical perspective, I understood the book and the teachings, but I had rarely spent time enjoying the present due to my painful anxiety and depression.

With some work through meditation, hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance and all around practice I've had many more moments living in the now. However, it's something I try to work on every single day. I hope that I continue to have breakthroughs and deepen my understanding on what it means to live in the present.

No matter where you are on your mindfulness journey, whether you've spent any time at all living in the now, this tarot spread will help you get there. There is no step too small on the journey.

As a side note, this tarot spread reminded me very much of a movie my partner and I saw last year called In Pursuit of Silence.  It's a wonderful documentation of all of the noise and chatter that goes on in our lives and how greatly we are affected by it. If you have a chance to check out the film, I would highly recommend.

I would also check out Tatiana Oliveira Simonians Ted Talk on Learning How to Embrace Silence.