Tarot Spread - Reconnect with Your Soul

tarot spread reconnecting with your soul (2)

tarot spread reconnecting with your soul (2)

Reconnecting with your soul doesn't have to be a huge production. It doesn't have to be a life changing experience or a 'Tower' Card moment. It can happen in small moments - moments of mindfulness, stillness, bliss, passion.

Here are 4 ways to help you reconnect with your soul:

Gratitude for what is
Accepting what is and being grateful for it can be a real challenge, particularly if we’re going through a tough time. Reading books, listening to podcasts, pulling gratitude-based oracle cards, saying daily affirmations, sitting in prayer. Once you start finding things to be grateful for life gets a whole lot brighter. It’s so easy to concentrate on the things we dislike, but when we focus on what we DO like, life starts to change in very magical ways.

Meditation is like exercising or eating healthy, it can feel like a bit of a pain to get started (especially if you’re new and feel like you don’t know what you’re doing!) but there is a reason why everyone talks about how beneficial it is. Spend time in meditation and within a short period of time you will see many truths to the Universe and the Self that were unclear before meditation. It is perhaps the easiest way to reconnect with your soul.

Listening to your inner voice
What do I like? What do I want? What do I wish for? These seem like easy questions to answer but try to really dive deep. Is this something you want because society tells you that you should want it? Is it something your partner wants? It is something your friend has? When we work toward tuning everything out and listen to our inner voice, it all becomes so simple.

Follow what feels right
To a lot of people this is spending time in nature, exploring arts, expressing yourself, reading uplifting and inspiring materials. I don’t want to put anything specific here because it’s so different for each person but when we tap into what WE like and what FEELS good to us, it’s such a great way to reconnect with our soul.

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