Tarot Spread - Embracing My Period: The Sacred Womb


The menstrual cycle, moon time, period - whatever you want to call it... is a very sacred time each month.

It is a reminder of the cyclical nature of life itself highlighting the impressive inner clock that the body works on and the physical shedding of the uterine lining, much like a snake shedding its skin.

Perhaps you have heard before that our menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle. Under the woman's life cycle we have the woman's seasonal cycles (just like Mother Earth seasons)... it is a fairly debated topic on which week or season represents which time of the menstruation cycle but I believe it to be a personal opinion for every woman - we are all different.

Some women feel that Spring is Week 1 of the menstruation cycle (right AFTER bleeding stops) others say that Spring is the first day of bleeding.  Regardless which week of your cycle correlates with which season (as it seems to be different for a lot of women) we can agree on the 4 seasons of the cycle themselves:

Spring – Maiden
Follicular Phase, Hormones Stimulate Growth, New Beginnings

Summer – Mother
Ovulation Phase, Estrogen Levels Peak, Creation, Fertile

Autumn – Maga
Luteal Phase, Energy Moving Inward, Progesterone Peaks, PMS Symptoms Arise

Winter – Crone
Retirement, Rest, Menstrual Phase, Low Hormone Levels, Recharging

Like the life cycle itself - the menstrual cycle creates so much space for us to grow and evolve .