Tarot Spread - Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides, angels, deities, ghosts, source energy, divine beings...whatever you believe... Here's a spread for those times you want to connect with something higher.

I love using the tarot to practice my channeling. I find it to be beneficial to use a pendulum while I do my spreads. Especially for those times I have a yes/no question I would like answered. If using a pendulum isn't your thing, try an  'even card means yes // odd means no' type question. 

Regardless what you choose, be sure to create clear intention in what you are wanting. Try an easy question at first to test out that you are receiving accurate replies. For example, "my name is _____, yes or no?"

My intent with this spread is for it to be a platform or stepping stone for greater communication. I want it to open channels, paths, and doorways for you to be guided further. This spread works with any divination deck.

 Please don't feel restricted to only traditional tarot decks.

PS - I am so grateful to everyone who has sent me their spreads they have pulled using my templates. I cannot adequately express how full it makes me feel to know that so many people are enjoying these. I thank you all so much and I will continue to create spreads as long as you want them! Bless xx