Divine Masculine Tarot Spread

Divine Masculine - Emerald Lotus Divination.png

I received a request a couple months ago to do a Divine Masculine tarot spread.

Immediately I thought this was a brilliant idea and I was so excited to add it to my weekly tarot schedule to share with you all. However, each time I went to create the tarot spread I had no idea what to write… the Divine Feminine tarot spread I created came so easily to me, but what about the masculine? To be transparent with you, I felt completely disconnected to the idea.

So I decided to do some research. I went to sporting events and I watched men scream at the players. I went on buses and saw men stand to allow others to sit. I noticed men open doors for me and offer to carry heavy items.

I started to really see an important underlying behavior in a lot of men. I noticed a subtle energy of protection.

The Divine Masculine is assertive & chases what it wants. It’s courageous, adventurous and loyal. It’s dependable, dedicated and grounded. It provides & it protects.

Regardless of the gender you identify as, if you identify as more than one or if you don’t identify at all - this tarot spread will help you connect with the inner energy that we all carry.

A big thank you to the person who requested this tarot spread!

Keera Hebert