Tarot Spread - Mindful Consumption


After doing this spread I decided to see if there were any neat articles online about mindful consumption. Turns out there are a ton, here's a great one: 9 Intentional Ways to Challenge Consumerism in Your Life

Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.- Will Rogers

I have become more aware than ever about what I'm consuming.A few years ago I got very interested in nutrition and spend a lot of my time researching the best ways to fuel my body. I acknowledge the trio of mind/body/soul and how interconnected they are so a lot of energy goes into what types of food I'm consuming from a health perspective.

I have never been a super big shopper because I prioritize adventure over material goods (aka I am always saving up for the next 3 trips I have in the works) and I am one of the (self proclaimed) greatest deal finders... so I rarely have those moments where I look around and think "I bought too much."But after watching this wonderful documentary called The True Cost, I started to finally think outside of myself when it came to shopping for clothing and other personal items.

What kind of environmental issues is my purchase contributing to?
Whose life am I making worse by making this purchase? 

All of this newfound consideration lead way to a few personal questions like:-
Am I shopping because I'm bored?
- Am I shopping because I'm sad?
- Am I buying things so others will like me?

I wanted to create a tarot spread that will aid you in asking yourself important questions about what you're purchasing... especially in time for the holiday season!I hope that you are all mindful of your purchases today & every day. Gift giving doesn't have to be about the dollar spent. If we were truly giving gifts from our heart what would we want to share? Probably something thoughtful, handmade, safe for the environment and the gift receiver.I know that purchasing from my Heart leads me to buy things that my ego wouldn’t think twice about. My Heart wants me to consider who I’m supporting with this purchase… It equally wants me to question who I’m hurting. Animals? Communities? Individuals? Mother Earth?