Tarot Spread - Healing Your Inner Child


[The young girl pictured is so adorable, credit goes to the very talented Matheus Bertelli for the shot. Here is his Instagram]

The inner child exists in all of us, at all times.

This inner child who has been wounded, rejected, abandoned and traumatized in one way or another.

We carry this emotional baggage with us for the duration of our life, often repressing or attempting to ignore the pain. Society tells us to "grow up" and hide our emotions, as if the unfairness and disrespect that occurred in our childhood fades away over time.

Working with the inner child, dealing with past trauma, showing love and compassion where it was lacking will result in an explosion of emotion. Inner child work will impact your current day to day life, regardless of your age or your life story.

It's important to remember that we all have different experiences in this life. Just because you know someone who "had it worse" than you did or you feel you did not experience blatant trauma or abuse, it does not mean there is no work to be done.

Try to ignore the outside world when working with your inner child. Remember that children can feel hurt or ignored even in times when those feelings may not be completely logical. It can be as simple as requiring more love and attention than was given to you, even if it was being given. Perhaps your caregivers did not speak your love language, although they were showing you love in their own way, it did not speak to you and you had moments of feeling abandoned or unloved.

Remember that you can make a million excuses for how "it wasn't true" or "it wasn't that bad" but that isn't what inner child work is about. It's about recognizing how you felt regardless of the logistics of the situation.