Tarot Spread - Relationships


I was asked to create a tarot spread for a new relationship, so here it is! This spread can be used for platonic or romantic relationships.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for the perfect person. Don't waste your time and certainly do not settle. This goes for friendships AND romance!

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do they make me feel safe?

  2. Do they make me feel anxious?

  3. Do they me smile or laugh?

  4. Has this person shown me that I can trust them?

  5. Would I consider them a good person?

  6. Do they listen when I speak?

  7. Do they make plans to see me and stick to them?

  8. Do we share similar values?

  9. Have they hinted that they are not interested in a relationship?

  10. Have I been honest with what I'm looking for in a partner?

  11. Am I just lonely or do I enjoy spending time with them?

  12. Do I think they're physically attractive? Is that the only reason I like them?

  13. If I was in trouble, could I call this person and ask for help?

  14. Would I trust this person to be around my children?

  15. What does this person lack that I said I really wanted in a partner?