Tarot Spread - Decoding Messages


I do this type of spread all the time so I wanted to create one to share with you guys. Often the personal spreads that I use are hard to translate into a language that can be utilized by a wide range of people but I try my best, so hopefully this one will resonate with you!

I'm sure this isn't a groundbreaking thought or idea but I wanted to share it with you guys in the event that you needed some inspiration. 

The signs/messages to decode in this spread can be:

↠ Symbols you’re seeing in your daily life

↠ Themes or events that keep repeating themselves

↠ You can use it to further examine other tarot cards

↠ Dig deeper after a meditation or healing session that carried symbolism or meaning

↠ Use it for dreamwork

↠ Much much more

The list is long but I hope you will use it in a way that’s helpful to you!

As a side note, sometimes I will do a spread very similar to this but I will purposefully select a card that keeps coming up in readings for me. Those shadow cards that I see multiple times in a day/week/etc. or the ones I feel I'm not quite grasping the meaning of, either in a specific spread layout or that I can't relate to my current situation.  I will intentionally take that card in question and pull other cards to further explain the message behind the original card.