Tarot Spread - Feeling Frustrated


We all get frustrated from time to time, no surprise. Most often it's because we feel disrespected by others or ourselves. We feel that our expectations have not been met and therefore we feel anger or resentment toward someone or something.I believe that at the root of anger there is sadness. When I think back to all of the times I've felt angry it's because deep down I've been hurt and instead of admitting the hurt and sitting with it, I've chosen to heighten my yang energy or my divine masculine.

Most often anger or frustration gets us nowhere except causes us to feel imbalanced and out of control. I created this tarot spread to help reset your emotions and find your center once again so that you can sensibly deal with the situation at hand.

While creating this spread I had two hummingbirds come to my feeder outside and begin to fight. I could hear their wings bang against each other, fighting for dominance at the feeder. The hummingbird is ironically a symbol of playfulness, enjoyment and adaptability. Why not incorporate those feelings the next time you're feeling frustrated?

Each situation has the ability to be seen through a different lens, an alternate perspective, we do not have to carry our anger or frustrations in the same way we have in the past - we can instead choose to meet each situation with a heightened awareness and an open heart.