Tarot Spread - Manifesting Abundance


If we look at abundance by definition, it is "a very large quantity of something."

A little background on this tarot spread:

I was recently guided by Spirit to visit Las Vegas... somewhere I never imagined I would travel to, especially on my own dime. I viewed it as a materialist, consumerist vacation destination aimed at fueling ones hedonistic desires.

Needless to say, I wasn't wrong in my preconceptions of Las Vegas. However, like everything, we all have choices as to what we choose to feed.  To some degree Las Vegas was as bad as I imagined but it also was a great place to spend time in warm desert air, take in the unique architecture and enjoy exploring somewhere new with my soulmate.

After my trip I had a lot of questions as to why I was guided to visit Las Vegas. It didn't fuel, rejuvenate or inspire me and I didn't win millions.

After being home a few days I received message of why it was important for me to visit.

One goal I have on Earth is to remove myself from Ego as much as possible. I aim to live in a state free of the constraints of the mind and move toward living from the heart.

In Western society prosperity and abundance comes in many forms. We have all the food, shelter, clothes, comforts, etc. that we need but it's a constant arms race to earn more.In other parts of the world the view on abundance is quite different. Loving relationships, soul connections, freedom of spirit, and enhancement of the self is regarded as being prosperous and allowing for a life of abundance.

The point is that abundance comes in many forms. It is up to us to decide what we wish to feed to live full and happy lives.

Use this tarot spread in any way you wish. But I will give you a "pro tip"... there is one form of abundance that will fuel your soul and the other will never be quite enough.