Tarot Spread - Feeling the Feels


This tarot spread will help you understand your feelings.

Sometimes it seems easier to push our feelings aside instead of looking at them head on.

Okay, let's be honest, for some of us it ALWAYS feels easier to push our feelings aside.

Feelings can be messy, hard to handle, awkward. Simply put they're too much.

But when we avoid our feelings they surface regardless... and usually in a very uncontrolled and unexpected way.

Speaking of which, I have a personal example of not feeling my feels properly that happened to me last week. Get ready for a bratty, embarrassing, ridiculous little story:

I just had a holiday with my parents and extended family who live halfway across the country from me.Being on vacation plus spending quality time with family felt amazing. I was very sad to leave but being at the airport I choked back my tears.

On my way home from the airport my taxi driver tried to overcharge me... let's just say he picked the wrong little lady on the wrong day.

Then my partner surprised me by coming home early to greet me with a bouquet of flowers in hand (so sweet) but did I even acknowledge that? Haha NOPE!

I started yelling because he left some of his belongings on the couch (which he rarely ever does) and then I proceeded to have a FULL on meltdown after my anger had exploded all over everyone around me.

The result was me crying on the bathroom floor and finally feeling the emotions I was carrying around having to leave my family.

The end :)