Tarot Spread - Finding a Lost Item


How have I never done a tarot spread for finding a lost item before?! This tarot spread will help you find something you've misplaced.

Truth be told I'm one of those people who don't generally lose things. I used to be though, I would lose absolutely everything. My ex used to get frustrated with me because things would just vanish in my presence. She taught me that things need to have a place and that way I won't lose them. I took that advice and applied it and have rarely lost anything since (thanks Kas!). What a groundbreaking idea, hey? Everything needs to have it's own place. Crazy how simple life can be.

Anyways, despite my ability to hold on to things for the most part, the other day something was missing and I figured it would be fun to use tarot to help me find it. Sadly I ended up finding it before I got to use the tarot spread (so tragic) but I really do want to use this tarot spread in the future. I might even ask my boyfriend to hide something and let me use the tarot to try to find it.

I should note that if you feel drawn to use multiple decks to do this reading (ex different ones for different positions) please feel free to do so! Listen to your intuition as it suggests different decks because it will help you find the most accurate card to describe where your item is.