Tarot Spread - Channeling Spirit Guides


If you have connected with your Spirit Guides in the past - this is a spread for you.

If this is your first time wanting to contact your Spirit Guides, try starting out with my other spread for connecting with your guides.  Then come back and try this one :) 

Channeling is something I do frequently, especially when I'm using a divination tool. I accept the offerings from the Universe whenever I can because... why not! I'm always trying to find new ways to be open to where the Universe (my Guides, Angels, Higher Power) is trying to guide me. This guidance is a gift given to us. There is enough abundance to go around and we are each deserving of accessing this Higher Power!

I'm of the belief that we constantly have Spirit Guides who help us with certain things in life.  With each lesson and experience we have different Guides who are always available to us.  I believe our Guides have specific lessons and guidance they can offer us at all times - we simply need to ask and allow.

Think of yourself as a tiny ant running around. The world seems really big to you, there are a lot of hurdles and danger could come from any direction at any time.

Now imagine you are viewing the tiny ant from a humans perspective. As humans we can see that for the ant to overcome his obstacle he simply has to go further to the left or right. We can also see there are no imminent dangers to the ant anywhere in sight. We have a birds eye view on the ants life.

Similarly, our Guides have the birds eye view of our lives. They can see hurdles, obstacles and alternative routes we should be taking. They know what we can do to ease our stress and where we need to push harder because success is not out of reach. They have the answers for us.I wanted to know what my Guides are currently trying to help me with and what I can do to simplify the process on my end. So I created this spread to open the dialogue with my Guides.

I ended up having an insanely beautiful spread with a wonderful message so I decided to share the template with you guys in the hopes that you have a successful meeting as well!

My last Spirit Guide spread was so well received and I've seen some beautiful blog posts, photos and even YouTube video responses with peoples individual experiences while using the spread. This filled me with so much joy and I just wanted to encourage that sharing behaviour because I very much appreciate it .