Tarot Spread - Stress Relief


Everyone can empathize with stress. We've all been there and probably spent way too much time there throughout our lifetimes.

Most of what we worry about on a day to day basis is completely irrelevant and over exaggerated. When we look back on those moments of worry it's easy to see how ridiculous it was, but at the time it can be difficult to separate ourselves from the stress.

It often comes in like an unexpected wave and suddenly we are drowning.I created this tarot spread to hopefully alleviate some of the stress felt by situations big or small.  It's always helpful to try to look at the situation we are worrying about as objectively as possible and without too many clouded emotions, the tarot is a great tool for doing so.

I hope this spread offers some peace and allows you to channel optimal growth and understanding even in the most worrisome situations.