Tarot Spread - Tarot Deck Interview


Here is the Emerald Lotus Deck Interview Tarot Spread that I've been getting requests to do for quite some time now. Those of us who have been reading for a while can certainly agree that each tarot deck has it's own personality. Tarot decks can range anywhere from sassy, rude, honest, patient, loving, irritable and sometimes straight up mean.

Through our journey with the tarot we quickly learn that some decks are better suited for certain times in our lives than others. There can be periods where we simply cannot handle brutal honesty and we need some gentle assistance. There are other times where we are searching so desperately for the truth that we just need a deck that will be upfront and honest.

Regardless of what we need or want - the tarot deck will have it's own autonomy. Some decks aren't right for us at a given time, no matter how pretty the cards are or how drawn to them we feel.

This tarot spread can be used with any tarot deck - new or old.