Tarot Spread - Confronting Past Lives & Mending the Soul

Not the first tarot spread I've done for past lives and certainly not the last.

A lot of people agree that our energy is recycled. In one way or another, there is a large population of people who believe that we have stepped foot on this planet before and have had previous experiences to the current life we're living.

There may be certain interests or fears that you have in this life that are not founded in anything. For some of our interests or fears we can pinpoint the moment they developed - but others are somewhat unexplained.

For instance, you're terrified of water (or fire, heights, bugs, driving - any phobia) but your fear isn't founded in any particular event or memory. Some would say that these fears are caused by past life experiences that have stuck with us on a spiritual/molecular/karmic (whatever language resonates with you) level.

Without getting too much in detail on my personal ideology of past lives, I want to share this past life spread with you guys. My hope is that you will turn up some information about yourself that you might not have known before doing this spread.  Or alternatively, it will confirm what you do know but perhaps have not accepted or remembered.

I want to note that this spread doesn't have to do solely with fears or negative experiences. It can be positive experiences from a past life that have stuck with you as well. Certain interests, desires, relationships or skills can carry on with us and perhaps that is what will be reflected in the tarot spread for you.

If you wish to continue your journey exploring past lives, I would highly recommend doing some guided meditations, dream work or past life regression.