Grounding Tarot Spread


At any given time we could all benefit from taking a moment to ground ourselves.Feeling grounded can mean different things - to some it means being fully aware of their physical body, it can also mean to be conscious of your connection to earth, it can also be a sense of mental presence and control.Regardless of what feeling grounded means to you in any given moment, this tarot spread will help you get there as we journey through a meditative tarot reading experience.Begin this tarot spread by taking some deep breaths and tuning in to the needs of your body & spirit. As you move through the cards you will be prompted to release what is no longer serving you. I invite you to consciously open yourself up to the messages from your inner knowing.Please feel free to sit in meditation to reflect on the cards pulled after the tarot reading is complete or at any time during the reading. Be open to the messages that flow your way.As always - this spread can be used with any divination deck.Grounding Tarot Spread - Emerald LotusMore tarot spreads you might enjoy:– Decision Making: Is This Serving Me?– Relationship with Social Media– Becoming Your Best Self– Living in the Moment: Being Present– Next Soul Lesson: Spirit Journey