Tarot Spread - Leaving the Past Behind


We all have things we want to move on from and let go of... experiences, jobs, habits, locations, relationships - the possibilities are endless.  

Certain things are easier to let go of than others. Some we find ourselves continually revisiting even though each time we say we never will again. Breaking this chain and doing things from a new angle can prove quite a challenge but how do we grow without a little bruising once in a while?

Exactly a year ago I picked up my life and moved halfway across the country with no job and no place to live. I decided that I had enough daydreaming about doing something with my life and that time was only passing me by.

The days of the calendar were moving and I was painfully standing still. In the past year so much has changed and I can say with completely confidence there will never be a day in my life where I regret my decision to leave my old life behind and start over.

Here's a spread to help you move forward too.