3 Ways to Prevent Burnout & Fatigue

Everyone can relate to the feeling of burnout or fatigue. In the role of a healer, nurturer or an empath, it is something we can experience very often.

It's important that we create boundaries and learn to ask for help to avoid physical and mental exhaustion. Burnout causes us to suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, illness, irritability and more.

Don't forget to be soft with yourself. Burnout and fatigue are not failures. It only means that we have given so much energy that we are starting to feel depleted. That gift of energy given in itself is a beautiful thing.

Our mental and physical wellbeing are both crucial to our happiness. Keep in mind that helping others is important but so is taking care of you.

Here are 3 ways to prevent burnout and fatigue

1 -Learn when (and how) to say "No"

For many people this is an important life lesson they have to overcome. It can be so hard to feel like you're turning someone away or taking away their happiness by trying to fill up your own. Learning your boundaries, when you need your own time and being able to say NO to people can be a real challenge.

ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership & Workplace Performance offers a helpful free handout for learning how to say no, view it here. They also offer a paid hour long on-demand webinar that will help you gain the tools to learn how to communicate assertively.

2 - Master how to listen to your body

Sometimes we aren't consciously aware that we're running ourselves into the ground. A colleague, friend or parter may have (or seem to have) the ability to run on less sleep, eat a lousy diet, be around others 24/7... but it doesn't mean we are the same way. Each of us has our own needs and desires, actively listening to them will remind us when we need to take a break.

Meditation is a great way to listen. I've noticed recently how many meditations are available on streaming services like Google Play or Apple Music. If you have a monthly subscription to either - check them out! Otherwise here is a healing meditation that you can find on Youtube.

3 - Find the best ways to fill up your tank

We are all unique in that there are different methods we have in filling up our tank. Sometimes it can be hard to feel motivated but taking that first step is all you need to do. Try new things, explore what makes you feel good. Knowing what fills up your tank is very helpful in times when you're starting to feel depleted.

Here is a list of ways to try filling up your tank:

❀ Exercise

❀ Clean or organize

❀ Write, draw, create

❀ Do yoga

❀ Build something

❀ Complete a puzzle or a project

❀ Laugh

❀ Spend time in nature

❀ Pamper yourself

❀ Cook

❀ Watch something beautiful (Here's some incredible drone footage of planet earth playing to Moby, does it get any better?)

❀ Spend time with others

❀ Spend time alone

❀ Listen to your favorite music

❀ Burn incense or essential oils

❀ Redecorate your space

❀ Embrace your inner child - play a game, finger paint, make a mess

❀ What are your passions? They are sure to fill up your tank ❀