Chakra Blockages and Balancing

"As we explore the aura and the chakras, it is important for us to view our journey not as revolutionary, but rather as very traditional. Chakras, as well as auras and electromagnetic fields, are as old as the earth itself. The chakra system, in fact, is a part of the ancient and lost mysteries. And, in the end,

the chakra system in our bodies is how we find our way back to the most ancient mystery of all – God, the Oneness, the Omniscient." - Rosalyn L. Bruyere

What Are the Chakras?

7 main energy points of the body.  Flowing cosmic energy that helps maintain spiritual balance in the body;  each connected to different elements. This energy transmission impacts the way we act, think and feel.  Although most cannot see the chakras with human eyes - we can most certainly feel the energy and are able to gain great control of it.

7 Main Chakras in the Body

3 Lower Physical -  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart

3 Higher Spiritual - Throat, Third Eye, Crown

Blockages and Balancing

Chakra energy flows throughout our entire body; when we are balanced this energy grounds us to the Earth and connects us to the Divine. The healthy flow of balanced energy creates physical and mental wellbeing. It allows us to feel abundant and connected to ourselves and the universe.

Balanced chakras equal:
◊ Ability to regulate emotions
◊ Release from pain and trauma
◊ Heightened intuition
◊ Healthy communication
◊ Self love

It is common to experience blockages &/or chakra imbalances.

Since the energy flow is tied to our mental, emotional and physical body when it becomes restricted the blockages can show themselves in negative ways in many different areas of our lives.

Unbalanced chakras equal:
◔ Dramatic interpersonal relationships
◔ Lack of inspiration or creativity
◔ Stressors at work
◔ Physical or mental illness
◔ Financial troubles

How Long Will It Take?

A lot of people assume that unblocking or balancing a chakra requires a lot of time and effort. While it is true that it normally takes a while to completely unblock a chakra, you can notice major improvements very quickly. These improvements can start to alter your life in a positive way in minutes. Simply bringing your awareness to the chakra through intuition or guided meditations can instantly help to raise it's vibration.

Although we can quickly allow for some flow to happen, there is no concrete time frame for completely unblocking a chakra. Because we all feel and experience things differently, the time it takes to unblock a chakra can range from minutes to entire lifetimes.

How Do I Know Where a Blockage Is?

By analyzing the issues we face - we can figure out what chakra they are related to. The chakras individually tie to specific body parts and all represent different aspects of our lives.

A quick way to identify a blockage is by noticing the issues/resistance/hardship/drama you currently facing (ex. relationship drama, lacking confidence, emotional trauma,  physical pain in specific area of the body) and figuring out which chakra it relates to. Once identified you can begin working on releasing that blockage through things like meditation, sounds, scents, and food.

On a deeper level,  I am a firm believer that chakra blockages also correlate with emotional trauma. This might be where some people won't want to put in the work because it isn't easy. At this point, it depends how deep we are willing to go on our quest of self-awareness and enlightenment.Recognizing where our vulnerabilities lie and which recurring issues we keep experiencing will aid in identifying serious blockages.

Healing Emotional Trauma 

Gaining understanding of ourselves and how we function as individuals will help to accelerate the process of unblocking our chakras. The inability to fully experience emotions can quickly lead to blockages so knowing personal trauma and pain triggers is crucial for healing.

I believe that most blockages are a result of a psychological issue that we may not be consciously aware of. As I'm sure you can imagine, by going back to traumatic events in our past (either through meditation, hypnotherapy, counseling, introspection, etc.) and properly experiencing the repressed emotions, we can finally unblock our chakras and release the built up flow once again.It can be difficult to see the direct impact that so many seemingly insignificant experiences have had on our soul that we don't even realize, but by devoting time to properly healing this trauma we can avoid further complications in life.  Our physical and mental wellbeing depend on our ability to tap into painful experiences and use them as transformational gifts. This work is not easy but it allows us to keep our chakras balanced and live a life of peace and harmony.

Staying Balanced

By properly tuning your frequency and balancing your chakras it brings with it the potential for great relief, resolution and rejuvenation.

Once we find balance in one or more of the chakras it certainly doesn't mean that they will always stay balanced. As with everything, it is important to stay mindful, self-aware and connected to your body. Making alterations to diet and lifestyle may be required to keep the chakra at its highest vibration. Spending time practicing yoga and meditation are ideal for keeping the flow of energy moving.

Self love and acceptance are the keys to finding the harmony you seek.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."- Nikola Tesla