Get the Most out of This New Moon

Unlike the big outward energy build of Full Moons, the New Moon is great time for some inward exploration. New Moons are instinctual - we feel the desire to plant new seeds and rejuvenate.

During this time the moon is furthest from the earth and thus frees us to investigate our imaginations (also perhaps drawing us closer to our base habits and instincts, which is something to be mindful of). We must always be careful of our thoughts and intentions during a New Moon as they are very powerful. The phrase "careful what you wish for" comes to mind. New beginnings, health, cleansing, inner harmony, peace, love - all present during this special time

.A few weeks ago we felt the glow of a Full Moon - under that full moon my twin flame and I practiced some high energy co-creation as we emotionally shared our love for one another and spoke deeply of our dreams for the future. Doing this with another person during a Full Moon is a great time to swirl some energy.

This New Moon I intend to spend some time exploring my own inner depth. Getting reconnected with my True Self and opening myself to the abundant flow of the universe.

Although I don't only wait for lunar cycles to get my manifestation on, I do find them a perfect time to do so.

As per most rituals, lunar rituals are highly personal experiences. Some people are very specific in their practice, others like to change things up and some don't even know where to start.  I personally am always changing things up but there are some manifestation rituals I find the most effective.

With that said, here is my simple guide to getting the most out of any New Moon...

    It's important to have a space you can retreat to where you feel safe and can be uninterrupted. Put a sign on your door, turn off your phone, cancel your plans - it's time to get cozy. I always find it very important to have a clean and well organized space before I do any type of ritual or manifestation - I cannot concentrate on abstract thought when my material realm is a disaster.Besides having a clean space, I also love taking baths during New Moons. Filling the tub with epsom salts, lighting a candle or incense and bringing some healing crystals to sit on the edge of the tub (or inside the water if you please!) is a wonderful release and the perfect time for cleansing old habits and moving forward. Listening to a guided meditation in the bath is the epitome of relaxation.

    I know there's a huge spike in my vibration when I'm surrounded by scents and sounds that I love. I'm a HUGE fan of incense... actually, my partner recently advised me that I should maybe not be lighting 5 a day for the sake of my lungs... oops! I really can't help it. I always find they inspire me to create and they release any tension that surrounds me. Watching the smoke as it dances and rises to the heavens is a great time to set intention and watch it be carried above, especially under the glow of a New Moon.In case you are in the market for new goodies, here are some suggestions:- Satya box set - Padmini Spiritual Guide (one of my all-time favs)- Hem Dragons Blood- Kamini Black Opium (another all-time fav but I haven't been able to get my hands on it for some time...)

    This is one of the most enlightening lessons I've learned in the past year.I am a chatty person (as you may have guessed from my blog...) and I am always GO, GO ,GO. My brain works faster than I can ever keep up with - constantly exploring ideas, jumping from one thing to the next. But how do we get anything done when there is constantly so much bombarding us?!I have no idea how I ever got through life before I started meditating... and the New Moon is the perfect time to spend in this expansive self reflection. Meditate. Meditate. Mediate. There is a crucial need to spend time in true silence. Quiet the mind. Connect to your Higher Self. Connect to your Guides. Allow yourself to flow.I recently found this wonderful resource with a ton of free meditations. If you don't know where to start on this website I highly recommend one of my all-time favorite teachers, Davidji. I've mentioned him before as I find something about him so enthralling.

    Crystals absorb the energy that surrounds them. Some crystals I carry in my pocket for weeks on end, some I hold closer when I'm not feeling so great, others I use for very deep meditations and manifestations. Due to this heavy use and exposure to different energy vibrations, it's important to cleanse your little guys to help them return to their original vibration. Their natural high vibration will allow them to better assist you.There is no right or wrong time to cleanse your crystals. Sometimes I grab all of them at once, other times I take one of them that has been sitting on my alter unused for a long time. Use your intuition as a guide for which ones need to be reset and when.To cleanse, simply leave your crystals (tumbled stones, minerals, pendulums, jewelry, geodes, etc.) in the glow of the moon. Depending on your situation you can leave them outside or simply on a window sill (inside your home is okay) - leaving it in this spot for 1-2 days should do the trick.

    I love pulling tarot or angel cards to represent what I will face during the next lunar phase. I typically ask about my growth during this next phase and what I can expect ahead. Sometimes I ask what I can learn, what I should let go of, how I can better my relationships, how my work is going to impact me, what to keep in mind in regards to my financial situation, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a great time for manifesting your wants and desires. Self-care and self-expansion are always worth dedicating time toward. Good will come your way if you make room for it. I wish you all the best this New Moon!