Keeping Our Hearts Open


"For all is like an ocean, all flows and connects; touch it in one place and it echoes at the other end of the world.Fyodor Dostoevsky

We all need tools to keep our hearts open and soft. We need to remember what we are here to do and use that time wisely. The state of our world depends on us raising it's vibration and attaining a new level of collective consciousness.When hearing 'keep our hearts open and soft' I think a lot of people immediately assume it means being passive and submissive. This is incorrect. There is such a strength that comes from having our hearts open; in truth it is the key to reaching our fullest potential as humans.It can be easy to become distracted or feel as though we are straying from this blissful state of awareness. The lack of mindfulness can cause stress and discomfort in our lives; the good thing is that there are plenty of ways we can return to this state.Here are some of my tips for remaining in that sweet spot of life.

Check in with Yourself

It’s important for me to check in with myself multiple times a day to avoid ‘falling asleep’ to life. If I don’t, sometimes I find myself wasting the day away or wishing for something to happen in the future instead of enjoying my life in the present moment. I’ve found this technique of 'checking in' to be very helpful for identifying my feelings and their root causes.Some people are really good at observing their feelings... it's something I'm still working on. To help myself I created a checklist that I pinned up on my wall. I put it somewhere I walk by multiple times a day as a constant reminder to check in.

My checklist looks something like this:
  • List 3 emotions you have felt today.
  • Name something you are thankful for in this moment.
  • Is there something you want to tell someone? Why haven’t you?
  • How can you minimize stress/worry today?
  • Are you mindful of your vibration? What kind of energy are you giving out?
  • Have you been working toward your goal of completing ____?
  • What was your tarot card of the day? How has it been relevant?

It isn't necessary to always go through every single item - intuitively choose one or two and try to spend a good amount of time formulating thoughtful responses; really trying to dive deep to gain clarity and genuine understanding of oneself.A fun way to do this would be to keep a die nearby and put the list in numerical order. Roll the die and focus on one of the points on the checklist. Allow 'fate' or 'the gods' to choose what you should be checking in on.

Spend Time With Children and Animals

This one might not apply to everyone but I always find that children and animals help me stay mindful. By connecting with something so innocent, honest and in-tune with Source Energy it forces me to be conscious of my own Self.Taking a couple of minutes to greet a dog as I enter someone’s home or making faces with a child I see in a restaurant allows me a second of escaping my current reality to enter a playful space where I’m guided solely on intuition and energy.Being around animals and children requires a certain type of open and compassionate energy that we could all benefit from having more of in our lives.

Meditate as Often as Possible

Of course I had to add this one to the list, although I feel it is quite obvious. Taking as little as 10 minutes per day to sit in stillness and really experience fullness of breath is crucial for remaining open.As I am not an incredibly visual person I really enjoy guided meditations to help develop that side of myself.  I always suggest the free guided meditations by the wonderful Davidji from the Chopra Centre. I find his voice so soothing and I find his guided meditations to be the perfect length for beginners.I also have to mention the wonderful Denise Linn, who has come up in numerous syncs throughout my lifetime, her Spirit Journeys meditation CD is divine.

Surround Yourself With Others

Being around likeminded individuals is perhaps one of the easiest ways to remain connected and open. It can be difficult to remain in that space when we're constantly with people who don’t remind us of who we truly are or who don't align with our values and dreams. It's crucial to carve out time with those who inspire us to be the people we are meant to be but the most important part is that we fully engage and connect with those people when we are blessed to have them around. The most important thing we can do when we are with others is listen.It sounds so evident but in reality it's so rare to receive someones full attention.  When engaging with others we need to remain mindful that we aren't thinking of the next thing to say or allowing our thoughts to wander off to a new topic completely.Active listening involves not only listening to what the person is saying but truly soaking it in and understanding the messages they are trying to communicate. This often extends way beyond simply the words they're choosing to use.When it comes to how we interact with others, it's said that verbal communication is only 7% of how we communicate. Interestingly, body language holds 55% and the other 38% is in our tone of voice.Since body language represents over 50% of how we communicate, it's helpful to be mindful that we're giving off the messages we intend to.Things to Consider⊰ Maintain eye contact⊰ Keep shoulders relaxed and pushed back (opening the heart chakra)⊰ Lean toward the speaker⊰ Allow for facial expressionThings to Avoid⊱ Using body parts as barriers (ex. crossing arms over chest)⊱ Keeping cellphones in sight⊱ Playing with objects / fidgeting

"When you listen attentively to somebody, you forget yourself. If you cannot forget yourself, you never listen. If you are too self-conscious about yourself, you simply pretend that you are listening–you don’t listen. You may nod your head; you may sometimes say yes and no– but you are not listening." - Osho

Take Time for Yourself

We need to find the things that inspire us to remain open and soft and be sure to ingrain them in our daily rituals. Fill our spaces with books, art, music, knickknacks, scents and patterns that inspire and remind us of who we truly are. Spending time alone in nature; near tall trees, open fields, mountains, bodies of water - wherever we can feel connected. Whatever it takes to get to that sweet spot.To get started on this journey to open your heart, I share with you this beautiful YouTube video One Hour of Relaxing Hymns on Piano. Enjoy!

AffirmationI am soft and open; I share and receive all of life’s abundance.