Law of Attraction

“Once you begin to understand and truly master your thoughts and feelings, that’s when you see how you create your own reality.” - Marci Shimoff

Each “big” conversation is expanding the universe. We're collectively creating more within the universe and there’s no going back to what it was before.I'm aware of this and I am grateful for it. I want to help this rise in collective consciousness and therefore try to constantly engage with those around me in "big" conversations.While at work I find this harder to do, so I try to listen to podcasts and videos that allow for "big" thoughts and inspire me to start these "big" conversations.For the past month or so I've been so drawn to fully understanding the law of attraction. I've decided to share some of the helpful information I've learned.

Allowing Positivity

I recently stumbled across  The Matt Belair podcast with best selling author Michael Losier. He gave a really insightful tip in this podcast that I think everyone should be aware of.The Law of Attraction states I attract to my life whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to. Whether negative or positive. Because of this, Michael suggest we all need to remove 3 words from our vocabulary - Don't, Not, No.As soon as he said this I recognized one of my biggest mistakes in trying to attract what I want in life is using negative words to describe my desires.For example:"I don't want my neighbour to be loud today""I don't want to be late to meet my friend""I don't want this meeting to go bad today"The problem with these statements is that by saying them in this way we are in fact attracting what we DON'T want.A really great way Michael describes this is to think of the law of attraction as vibrational Google. If we go to Google and type in 'no sex' what are we going to get results for? Sex. If we search 'no coffee' what kind of results are going to pop up? Coffee. We can think of the law of attraction in the same way.Michael says the best part of this is that there is a sort of reset sentence we can use when we notice ourselves bringing attention to what we don't want. The reset sentence being a short, sweet, easy to remember phrase "so... what do I want?"Instead of "I don't want my neighbour to be loud today" we could say "I want my neighbour to be quiet today.""I don't want to be late to meet my friend" becomes "I'll arrive on time to meet my friend.""I don't want this meeting to go bad today" becomes "I want this meeting to go well today."Removing negative words like Don't, Not and No is simple hack that creates big results. It rewires the brain to think in a positive way and use the law of attraction to it's fullest potential.

Being Open

Abraham Hicks shares that when we have a question really important to us, that we’ve been working on a long time and still haven't received, there’s a high probability that there is some contrasting doubt that’s pulsing within us as well.To allow for the positive to manifest the resistance within us has to subside. We have to get up to speed with the energy flowing toward us.Abraham says there are 3 steps to receiving what we are requesting:Step 1 - AskStep 2 - Answer comes (from Source)Step 3 - Be in a place to vibrationally allow answerThis is why meditation is so helpful, it brings you to a place where you can stop resistant thought. Without this resistant thought your vibration raises and you can begin to hear.One of my favorite quotes from Abraham's teachings is the following:

"Get yourself in a place of non-resistance. Feel as good as you can on the emotional scale and trust what comes. You will develop a relationship that is so meaningful that you will no longer question that you are a part of source energy. It will assist you in living a full, broad, amazing experience."

Mindful Vibration

Things that vibrate at the same frequency attract each other - people, events, experiences. This is why it's so important to align and fine-tune our minds to make sure we maximize our law of attraction results. We want to fill our consciousness with genuine positivity and gratitude.Watch movies, listen to music and read articles that are inspiring. Media is so negative and we need something to balance that out. Filling our space with uplifting quotes, affirmations and images can help us remain focused on what we want to manifest.Here are some positive affirmations on the law of attraction to help you gain control of your mind and manifest the reality you desire.

I believe deeply that I can achieve anything I desire ↠ I have the power to create my reality ↞ I manifest empowering experiences into my life ↠ The law of attraction is positively transforming my life ↞ All my dreams are now becoming reality ↠ I attract people who help me towards my goals ↞ I always attract positive results into my life ↠ There is no limit to what I can manifest ↞ I trust the Law of Attraction to manifest all that I need right now

There is plenty of brilliant information available to us regarding the law of attraction that it's hard to cut it down for this post. I'm sure this will be the first of many in a series I will do about the law of attraction.