Only Minutes Left on Earth


I was recently listening to a podcast when I heard a question that really resonated with me.If you had 40 minutes left on Earth what would you want to say to someone?Sometimes when I'm really hungry and the food won't be ready for a while or I'm waiting for 4pm to hit after a long day at work, 40 minutes can seem like an eternity. But when thinking about having 40 minutes left on Earth... it sounds like milliseconds.I sat with this idea for bit and really tried to think about what I would say in those 40 minutes. What secrets would I unleash? Who would I confess my undying love to? Would I punch anyone? You know, all of those dramatic built up feelings that I could release without having any repercussions.But before I get too carried away with this idea of what I would say to someone with only minutes left on earth, I want to point out that with 4o minutes left on Earth... why should you find yourself in a frenzy?We are all awaiting our imminent demise. We all know this day is going to come and there's an extremely high probability that we aren't going to be blessed with 40 WHOLE MINUTES to say something to someone.As dramatic as the initial question sounds it's merely theoretical and if I'm being honest it's pretty damn good outcome. I mean, if I can get a 40 minute warning before I die, I'm taking it. But chances are we won't be graced with that kind of luck.If this is the case and we are fully aware that we most likely won't have time to prepare for our death, why aren't we living that way?It's beyond me.Now I urge you to ponder the following questions:If you had 40 minutes left on Earth what would you want to say to someone?> Why aren't you saying these things to this person now?> Where is being coy with your emotions getting you?> What would you regret not doing if you had to cease living tomorrow?> Are you spending your time on Earth wisely?The clock is ticking.