Raising Energy Vibration

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."
—  Nikola Tesla (1942)

I've recently started noticing more synchronicities and am feeling a pull toward developing a better understanding of vibrational energy.I definitely don't live life free of the constraints of the ego but I have been learning to differentiate when it's influencing me versus when I'm living life on a higher vibrational frequency. Becoming mindful, causing ego to take the backseat and allowing True Will to be the guide.It took me a while to understand what it means to live life on a higher vibration. Experiencing higher planes of existence and learning how to keep that openness and oneness with me while in the physical plane is a 'simple' task that isn't always easy.With all of life's ups and downs it's common to get lost; forgetting why we are here and what our truth is.We have been conditioned to live life being motivated by fear and driven by competition. Constantly influenced to feel 'less than' makes it easy to allow feelings of being inadequate in any regard to stunt our personal growth. This negative mind chatter lowers your vibrational frequency, radically altering your life path. Thus preventing you from further expanding and becoming who you are capable of being.As I'm growing and becoming more aware of these frequencies, consciously shifting to a higher vibration, I've noticed some really great people coming into my life. They inspire me to raise my energy vibration and connect with my Higher Self.A simple way of putting it would be that these people (often effortlessly) bring out the best in me.A very recent example of this was the other day I was working away on my laptop when I got a random text from one of these Light beings that simply said "Just did the cosmic dance and thought of you. Hope you're doing well."As I read this short but beautiful and undemanding text message, I noticed my brows had been furrowed while working. It wasn't that I was upset or in a bad mood but I was deep in thought and motivated to bang out this project.But why the furrowed brows?We know that facial expression influences mood and emotion. Smile and the world smiles back at you.  What kind of frequency am I emitting if I'm frowning at my computer screen?Thanks to this peachy young woman that simple text altered my mood and set me back on my path.Coincidentally, the rest of my day was much more productive and it allowed for my next 2 days of work to be filled with exactly what I had been after - more hours, new projects, great conversation, etc.. I believe this positive result of what I had been desiring earlier in the week was due to simply changing my frequency.Finding this inner balance and peace allows for abundance to flow and connections to deepen. The confidence and ease that comes with being mindfully aware opens the door for all of the good to circulate.I feel as though I've only scratched the surface on the power of harnessing energy. I look forward to exploring this further; expanding my abilities and working with energy.

I will vibrate higher and match the frequency of the things I wish to happen .

Be the energy you wish to attract.