Are you curious about what others have to say about my tarot readings? I wanted to share some feedback I’ve received from those I’ve recently read for.

A lot of the feedback and conversation with my clients is very personal and specific to the reading, clearly I want to respect the privacy of my clients so I will share small quotes & keep their identity hidden. Thank you for understanding.

“Ok...I’m so glad I reached out today. This reading is 100% accurate.[…] I will use this reading as a catalyst and as a map of things I must do as I set out on this exact path. Thank you for this.  I am truly very grateful.” - K

“[…] Initial sense is that it is right on. There is lots yet to contemplate about so I imagine there is much more that will be revealed over time. I find with the readings that you have done for me, I will often look at them many times some time later and realize things that perhaps I was resistant to at first. Thank you for this reading which I think is going to be a very important one moving forward in my life.” - L

“Reid, first of all, thank you.. your reading and messages were spot on to my feelings and situation, and I could not have asked for more from this.” - J

“Wow thank you so much!! This was really cool! I've recently been researching spirit guides and this was spot on! Thanks so much again :)!” - B

“This is great, thank you so much! Really eye opening and I appreciate that you took time out for my question. You’re so kind!” - L

“Reid, this is so great. I can’t believe it fits so well. I teared up. Your response is so great. […] It is beautiful. Wow! Thank you so much. I feel more peaceful now. I honestly do.” - K

“Awesome, Reid! This was so helpful!  Thank you! There was another reading that I wanted as well so I am going for it!” - L