The Need for Change Reading

The Need for Change Reading


Sometimes days feel longer, life feels stagnant and we don’t really know where to go next.

Your inner voice may be begging for change but, as we know, change can be scary. The unknown, the decisions… it can feel like a lot. But not to fear - this tarot spread will help you identify which areas of your life need a bit of refreshing or housekeeping. Change doesn’t have to be a huge shift, it can be something small that makes a big difference in your happiness.


After your purchase, I will email you a photo of the cards pulled along with a PDF including your 500-1500 word reading sent within 10 business days.

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I use my knowledge of the tarot system along with my intuition and Divine guidance to explore the cards pulled for you. The aim is to provide you with a detailed write up/interpretation filled with tools, resources and detailed explanation of the situation at hand.

Please note, I will pass along exactly what the cards are telling me. I will not sugar coat information for you but I will deliver it in the best way I know how: with compassion and understanding. I really strive to provide you with high quality information that will grant you access to what you are seeking.


When you select Add to Cart you will be prompted to enter the email address I should send the reading to, the persons name I’m reading for and any additional notes you have for the tarot reading.

After your payment is processed I will receive the order and I will add your reading to my schedule. Please know that I value each order and I try to prioritize things as best as I can but at times it may take up to 10 business days to receive your emailed reading.

If the tarot spread you’re wanting isn’t listed on this website, please send me an email or direct message on social media letting me know which one you’d like. Some tarot spreads may need a cost adjustment (higher or lower).

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out via email ( - I always try to reply within 48 hours.

*Please note I do not accept questions regarding legal or medical issues.