Full Spread Tarot Reading

Full Spread Tarot Reading


Choose any tarot spread from my website and have me do a reading for you. I will email you a photo of the cards pulled along with a 500-1500 word reading within 5 business days.

When you place your order you will have the option to select one of the tarot spreads you’d like to use or you can select WILD and have me choose the tarot spread that I feel will best suit you based on my intuition. You can also select any tarot spread from the Emerald Lotus Tarot Directory (even if it is not listed). Please select WILD and then in the Additional Notes leave the title of the tarot spread you’re wanting. You can also feel free to email me directly or send me a message on Instagram if you’re wanting a reading with a spread that I’ve previously created that is not listed here.

I use my knowledge of tarot along with my intuition and Divine guidance to explore the cards pulled for you and aim to provide you with a detailed write up/interpretation filled with tools, resources and explanations.

When you select Add to Cart you will be prompted to select the tarot spread you would like to have a reading for.

*Please note I do not accept questions regarding legal or medical issues.

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