Hi, I’m Reid Keera.

I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.


I’m a plant lover exploring vibrational frequencies.

My life revolves around spiritual growth and I take my task of following my Divine path very seriously.  I’m originally from the prairies but currently living on the West Coast enjoying the big city life.

I enjoy most anything that has to do with spirituality and healing. I love exploring new and different divination tools. I receive message from Spirit and have been practicing sharing these messages for the past 5+ years.

I write the posts on this website as the information comes to me; quickly and without very much thought. I consciously try not to edit my blog posts or tarot spreads because I want them to be my authentic thoughts – without too much tweaking. I used to be hard on myself creatively but have learned to just let it go and post it!

When I’m not working on Emerald Lotus I love spending time outdoors and reconnecting with nature. I’m also a woman of many hobbies and interests. Art, cooking, photography, music, law of attraction, meditation, personality tests, spiritual workshops… basically anything you ask me to do, I’m happy and eager to try – I love exploring new activities!

I also spend a lot of my free time traveling. I live quite modestly so that I can travel the world. In the past few years I have visited Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, India, Nepal and many North American cities – my favorites being New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles and of course my hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is an open community where we share, learn and grow together with love and acceptance.

Feel free to connect if you feel compelled to! I am happy to reply to every message and email.

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If you choose to receive a reading from me, you are accepting that I will be as honest as possible when translating the cards. I use my intuitive abilities as well as my knowledge of the tarot system to decode what messages you need to hear at that particular time.

I think of myself as a “blunt” reader and I do not sugar coat issues that arise in your reading. The messages come to you with love and kindness and their intention is to try to help you better understand yourself. If the messages do not relate to you or you do not agree with my reading, feel free to disregard any advice or opinions that I share (however to my knowledge this has never happened before).

I always try to include actions that you can take to resolve an issue and any other practical advice that I can offer. I want you to leave your reading feeling like you have accomplished something & that you have some direction moving forward.

If you have any questions before booking a reading, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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If you want to get to know me better, check out my videos on my YouTube channel!