Hi, I’m Reid Keera.

I surrender to the transforming powers of the Divine. I am an open channel for creative energy.



My life revolves around spiritual growth. It’s something I prioritize heavily and cannot live without. I am constantly trying new rituals, readings, divination tools and attending workshops with different teachers to expand my knowledge.  I’m originally from the prairies but currently enjoying life on the West Coast in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I enjoy most anything that has to do with spirituality and healing. I receive messages from Spirit and have been practicing sharing these messages since 2011 when I attended my first dreamwork course and connected with healing crystals.

April 14 2016 tarot .jpg

I acquired a tarot deck shortly after but did not connect with it for many years - using it on and off, assuming that I would never be able to ‘remember’ all the card meanings. It wasn’t until a few years later when I attended an intuitive workshop with my first Spiritual Coach/Mentor who allowed us space to use oracle cards to give readings to others. As I read for this woman I was understanding why for days before I had been carrying a topic and researching a phenomenon that I didn’t feel connected to at all but felt intuitively I needed to learn more about. I read for her and told her what Spirit wanted to pass on to her. While I read for her I saw clearly how these messages I had been receiving days prior lead me to that exact moment sitting across from her. It was that day that I knew I was answering my calling and moving closer toward my purpose.

Less than a month after that experience a friend introduced me to the Thoth tarot. I was immediately passionate and needed to learn more. I couldn’t resist but explore tarot.


When I started my tarot practice I would pull one card in the morning and I’d keep it in my mind during the entire day. I tried to notice patterns and how the card would be reflected during my experiences. When I got home at night I would pull a second card. I would use this card to further explore what happened during my day. This helped me understand each individual card but also got me started very early on linking cards together to see how they work fluidly in a reading to tell a story.

Apr 5 2016 thoth tarot.jpg

From there I started doing 3 card readings every day, which then evolved into 5-10 card tarot spreads when I wanted guidance on particular topics. Once I started to read with more than 3 cards I started creating little tarot spreads that I would use. I enjoyed intentionally connecting with Spirit to ask specific questions and receiving an instant answer. I began using the tarot to have conversations with Spirit about my journey and decisions I was making.


This lead me to release my very first tarot spread layout on September 8, 2016 on my blog & it’s still up today, I shared the photo on my Tumblr account and on Pinterest and noticed that other people really enjoyed this tarot spread. I looked online for more free tarot spreads to see what others were doing but had a hard time finding other free tarot spread layouts that I really connected with. At the time there weren’t even that many FREE tarot layouts online. That’s when I decided to start sharing the spreads I was creating for myself in the event that they could help others.

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From the moment I started sharing these tarot spread layouts I knew that I could create a community where users would pay fees to be able to access the tarot spreads. I received countless emails from prominent readers in the community telling me that I should create books, charge users to enter my site, monetize my website by putting ads and working with brands, etc… Although I enjoyed others sharing their insights I knew that this was not what I wanted to do.

We are constantly under pressure to pay money to attend spiritual events and have access to the ‘best’ tarot readers. It can feel stressful thinking that you must have a certain financial investment to improve yourself & your spiritual practice. I do not judge others for choosing to charge money for resources but I wanted to be someone you could trust to provide you with free content to help you expand and grow.

After a few years of exclusively reading Thoth tarot & doing some deep shadow work on myself, I finally opened up to the Rider Waite system. Nearly 200 tarot spread layouts later and here we are today. I continue to develop my intuitive abilities and tarot skills. I feel so grateful every single day to be part of such a wonderful community of tarot readers. Hearing from others that they’ve used my tarot spreads to have incredibly deep and meaningful readings is a feeling beyond words. The fact that that I have heard first hand from hundreds of people that my tarot spreads have helped them in one way or another is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I look forward to continue to share tarot resources with you all.

Feel free to connect if you feel compelled to! I am happy to reply to every message and email.

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I use my intuitive abilities as well as my knowledge of the tarot system to decode what messages you need to hear in each moment.

If you choose to receive a reading from me, you are accepting that I will be as honest as possible when translating the cards.

I think of myself as a somewhat “blunt” reader for the fact that I try not to sugar coat issues that arise in your reading. I will not be a ‘yes man’ and tell you what you want to hear because that doesn’t do any good for you in the long run. The messages I pass on to you are sent with loving kindness and their intention is to try to help you better understand yourself & your journey.

In my tarot readings I always try to include actions & clear steps that you can take to attain your goals. I find there is nothing worse than receiving a reading and feeling like you have nothing to work towards after it. I enjoy sparking ideas or inspiration within your tarot reading. I want you to finish your reading with the feeling that you have accomplished something & that you have some direction moving forward.

If you have any questions before booking a reading, please feel free to contact me using the form below.

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